How to Retrieve the Trouble Codes From a 1987 Ford Escort?

Answer The second generation of On-Board Diagnostic codes began in 1996, so the '87 Ford Escort predates the OBD-II codes by nine years. Since this vehicle has a different diagnostic system than present-... Read More »

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Trouble Codes for the 1994 Ford Escort LX?

You can check the trouble codes for your '94 Ford Escort LX without the use of a code scanner. The '94 Ford Escort LX comes equipped with the first generation On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer. T... Read More »

How to Retrieve RABS Trouble Codes for a 1992 Ford F-150?

You can retrieve the rear anti-lock brake system (RABS) trouble codes from your 1992 Ford F-150 from home using an OBD I scan tool. This tool can be purchased from most auto parts stores or from yo... Read More »

How to Retrieve Check Engine Codes on a 1998 Escort?

Self-diagnostic systems date back to Volkswagen's 1969 Type 3, the marque's first non-Beetle car. For the next 27 years, onboard diagnostic system programming was an automotive Wild West, where eve... Read More »

How to Retrieve Car Trouble Codes With No Equipment?

Vehicles older than 1995 models typically feature the OBD-1 trouble-code system; cars made after 1995 usually have the OBD-2 system. The differences between the two systems are that the older codes... Read More »