How to Retrieve the DTC From the Gem Module of a 1995 Ford?

Answer The generic electronic module (GEM) on 1995 model year Ford vehicles monitors and controls the body-related functions of the vehicle such as the interior lighting and the windshield wipers. When th... Read More »

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How to Retrieve 1995 Ford Explorer Error Codes?

If your 1995 Ford Explorer's "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" light is on, or they have come on in the past, you have a diagnostic trouble code. In order to get these codes from your vehicle to p... Read More »

How to Retrieve Codes From a 1995 Nissan Pickup?

You can retrieve the codes from your 1995 Nissan pickup right from home using a code reader. Nissan pickups have an On-Board Diagnostics I computer (OBD I) that receives and stores error codes sen... Read More »

How to Retrieve the Trouble Codes From a 1987 Ford Escort?

The second generation of On-Board Diagnostic codes began in 1996, so the '87 Ford Escort predates the OBD-II codes by nine years. Since this vehicle has a different diagnostic system than present-... Read More »

How to Retrieve Mileage From an Instrument Cluster of a 2005 Ford F-150?

As car and truck designs have evolved over the years, many of the analog and mechanical instruments formerly found on the instrument panel have been replaced by digital displays. The 2005 Ford F-15... Read More »