How to Retrieve DTC Codes on a 2007 Cadillac?

Answer DTC is the abbreviated form of "Diagnostic Trouble Code." Although it has a different wording, DTC is the same as the "fault" or "alarm codes" in an on-board diagnostics report when a malfunction ... Read More »

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How to Retrieve Ford C Codes?

In the second generation of On-Board Diagnostic coding, the letter "C" stands for "chassis." Diagnostics predating 1996 usually consist of two to three numeric sequences. OBD-II "C" codes are outs... Read More »

How to Retrieve Codes for a Ford OBD-1?

Fords manufactured before 1996 come equipped with a first-generation On-Board Diagnostics computer (OBD-I) that retrieves and stores all error codes sent to it from various sensors throughout the v... Read More »

How to Retrieve Smart Car Trouble Codes?

Smart Cars are part of the Mercedes family, and accessing the On-Board Diagnostic system depends on where the vehicle was purchased. Smart Cars bought in the United States will likely use OBD-II tr... Read More »

How do I retrieve GameHouse registration codes?

Access registration codes through your GameHouse account whenever you purchase or install a game or need to obtain lost codes. Navigate to the GameHouse website and log in using your user name and ... Read More »