How to Retrieve 1999 Buick Engine Codes?

Answer The Society of Automotive Engineers assigned Diagnostic Trouble Codes, commonly known as DTCs, mainly as recommendations. Most car manufacturers follow DTCs, but not all of them. Your 1999 Buick ha... Read More »

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How Do I Retrieve OBD Codes From a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

OBD stands for "on board diagnostics." The 1999 Dodge Dakota has a diagnostic system in place that recognizes engine malfunction and records it in its computer as a code. Retrieving codes helps ide... Read More »

How to Retrieve Engine Codes for a 1995 Chevy?

You can retrieve the engine codes for your '95 Chevy using an OBD I code reader. A code reader may be purchased from any auto parts retailer. Engine codes are diagnostic codes sent from sensors in ... Read More »

How to Retrieve Check Engine Codes on a 1998 Escort?

Self-diagnostic systems date back to Volkswagen's 1969 Type 3, the marque's first non-Beetle car. For the next 27 years, onboard diagnostic system programming was an automotive Wild West, where eve... Read More »

How to Retrieve Trouble Engine Codes on the 2004 Corvette?

The 2004 Corvette is the performance flagship of the 2004 model year Chevy lineup. Equipped with a powerful engine, aggressive stance and sleek lines, it is built for speed and handling. The Corvet... Read More »