How to Retract an Email in Outlook?

Answer Have you ever sent a message and immediately wished you hadn't? Most everyone has at one point or another. You might even be in that situation right now. If you are using Outlook 2010, you may be a... Read More »

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Can you retract an email once it has been sent?

Only AOL had a feature where by if you were sending an email to another AOL use you could retract it. I do not know of any other carrier that offers this. Be more careful in the future!

How to Retract an Accidentally Sent Email?

Retracting -- also known as recalling -- an accidentally sent email in a Microsoft Outlook environment means forcibly deleting the email before it is read by the recipient. This can be useful for o... Read More »

Can you send email using a free live email account using Outlook Express?

No, you cannot send email using a free Windows Live email account. To better manage spam, Microsoft no longer allows users who subscribe to the free Windows Live email account to configure Microsof... Read More »

How do I make Outlook email to open when I need to send an email from any website on the internet?

Go to Start, open Control Panel and click internet Options. Go to the Programs Tab, under Email: put Outlook or Outlook Express, which ever you are using. That should do it.