How to Retouch Relaxer Without Touching Previously Relaxed Hair?

Answer When your hair has grown out a considerable length and is in need of a touch-up, it is important to apply the chemical relaxer onto the new growth while simultaneously avoiding the previously relax... Read More »

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Hair Relaxer Retouch Tips?

African-American women who relax their hair to chemically straighten it should take precautions so they don't damage their hair and scalp. If they are not careful, they run the risk of under-proces... Read More »

Technically, what is relaxed hair In magazines, they say, "straight, wavy, curly, relaxed"?

Relaxed hair has gone through a chemical process which removes the strong curl in hair, making it somewhat straight, or "relaxed".The reason it is described this way is because it is not really str... Read More »

Can you get herpes from someone touching a cold sore&then touching your stomach?

On One Hand: Herpes Is Highly InfectiousHerpes, the disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2, is a highly contagious disease. A person is infected by the virus coming into contact with damage... Read More »

How to Dye Hair Without Touching the Scalp?

Hair dye is filled with chemicals that can burn your skin. Dye your hair with a hair coloring brush without touching your scalp. The brush allows you to apply dye to small sections of your hair, st... Read More »