How to Retard a Camshaft?

Answer Many engine builders have experimented with cam timing in their engines. While it is well known that setting a little more advance into an engine’s timing helps with high-speed horsepower, few pe... Read More »

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Cut Hair to Retard Growth?

There are several things that one can try to slow hair growth, or make hair growth appear to slow. This makes it easier to maintain the length of a haircut. Does this Spark an idea?

What plants retard snakes.?

Pot makes people retarded.It might work for snakes.

How to Retard Hair Growth?

As undesirable as unwanted hair may be, fine hair on the upper lip, chin, abdomen or chest is normal in women. If the hair in these areas is dark or coarse, however, you may have a condition called... Read More »

What is an alternative word for retard?

Mentally challenged.ANOTHER ANSWERlearning disabled,...developmentally delayed,...special needs,....learning delayed,...or simply disabled. Retarded and slow are demeaning.