How to Retard Hair Growth?

Answer As undesirable as unwanted hair may be, fine hair on the upper lip, chin, abdomen or chest is normal in women. If the hair in these areas is dark or coarse, however, you may have a condition called... Read More »

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Cut Hair to Retard Growth?

There are several things that one can try to slow hair growth, or make hair growth appear to slow. This makes it easier to maintain the length of a haircut. Does this Spark an idea?

Herbs That Retard Hair Growth?

Women and men through the ages have tried many ways to remove unwanted hair from various parts of their bodies. The styles change, but the methods have been fairly consistent: most shave, tweeze or... Read More »

Is there a product to retard algae and bacteria growth in inflatable pools for children?

AnswerAll pool chemicals will do the job, the problem is you are not circulting the water on a regular basis, I understand your problem, no chemical is going to do what you want it to do. once agai... Read More »

Which hair oil is better for hair growth Dr miracle growth oil, wild growth hair oil or doo growth hair oil?

From experience, wild growth oil worked the best for me along with me taking care of my hair. That's good that you're taking vitamins as well. I used to take biotin but now I'm taking Hairfinity pi... Read More »