How to Resurface Aluminum Wheels?

Answer Aluminum wheels usually have a clear coat of paint to protect the bare aluminum or painted areas. Over time, the clear coat can chip and flake as well as turn yellow. Wheels can also get scratched ... Read More »

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The Benefits of Aluminum Wheels Over Wire Spoke Wheels on a Motorcycle?

To novice motorcyclists, the choice between aluminum wheels and wire-spoke wheels may seem inconsequential. Experienced riders, however, will know the difference aluminum wheels make in both perfor... Read More »

How to Resurface an Aluminum Gas Tank?

Many vehicles use aluminum gas tanks because they are more lightweight than steel tanks. Consequently, vehicles with aluminum gas tanks typically get better fuel efficiency. Over time aluminum gas ... Read More »

How to Paint Aluminum Wheels?

Unlike steel or chrome wheels, aluminum wheels can be easily scratched or dented from everyday driving. These dings and scratches catch and hold dirt, making the wheels dirty and lowering the value... Read More »

How to Recondition Aluminum Wheels?

The alloy wheels on your car or truck are an important part of its appearance, performance and value. Over time, though, alloy wheels take a beating thanks to their vulnerable location, where they ... Read More »