How to Restructure Distressed Debt?

Answer Restructuring distressed debt is a complex task, involving difficult negotiations among many parties, as well as substantial financial expertise. To effectively restructure debt, a company must off... Read More »

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What is a restructure of unsecured debt?

A restructure of unsecured debt is a negotiation where you and your creditors (the people you owe money to) agree to a change in the terms and conditions of how and when you will pay them back.Unse... Read More »

What is distressed debt?

Distressed debt refers to the debt of firms who have already declared or are likely to declare bankruptcy. Certain investors seek to purchase such debt in an attempt to turn the firm around.Definit... Read More »

What is distressed debt trading?

Distressed debt trading is a speculative bond trading strategy that offers high risk and high reward. Usually, distressed debt trading is only undertaken by professional investors or institutions.D... Read More »

What is a mortgage restructure?

A mortgage restructure is a change in the terms of the mortgage. Depending on your mortgage company, the lending rate, maturity or other aspects of the loan may be changed to better fit your financ... Read More »