How to Restore the PowerMac G4 From Open Firmware?

Answer Some Macintosh users have modified their PowerBook G4 laptops to run alternate operating systems. A PowerBook G4 that has been modified can be restored to normal operation by reinstalling the origi... Read More »

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How to Restore iPhone Firmware 3.1.3?

The iPhone grows with advances in cell phone technologies through software updates. The device's operating system upgrades easily when new features are available. If you dislike a new feature or de... Read More »

How Do I Restore Zune Firmware?

Push the hold switch on the top of the Zune to the unlocked setting.Press and hold the back button and the top of the round touchpad. Release them when the Zune begins to power on.Immediately press... Read More »

How can I update my Open Firmware when I'm running Mac OS X?

You can't. You already said that your Mac can't boot on Mac OS 9, so deal with it.

How to Open System Restore?

Included in most modern versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the System Restore utility helps users recover from unexpected problems such as spyware, hardware conflicts or improperly... Read More »