How to Restore the Paint Job on a Ford F-150?

Answer Restoring the paint job on any car can go a long way toward making the car look brand new. The same is true for a Ford F-150. Restored paint not only adds beauty and elegance to the car, but can al... Read More »

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How to Restore Old Paint?

Old paint makes cars look run down and not worth much, even if the cars are in terrific shape. Paint usually looks old because of a dull, rough finish. Unlike shiny, glossy paint jobs, older paint ... Read More »

How to Restore the Paint on a Car?

A car's exterior is the first thing one notices about the vehicle. Having chipped and damaged paint can make your car look and feel like an older car and be an eyesore. If you have plans to some da... Read More »

How to Restore Old Car Paint?

Restoring the paint on a car can bring a new look to the vehicle for minimal costs. An old car can be made to look brand new and bringing back the color can also greatly increase the value of the c... Read More »

How to Restore a Car's Paint Job?

All paint finishes weaken and deteriorate over time and unfortunately, this includes car paint as well. The oxidation process causes paint deterioration, and ultraviolet light, pollution and even b... Read More »