How to Restore a Microsoft Excel 2002 Color Palette?

Answer Excel 2002 allows you to store many of your preferences into the Excel.xlb data file. Color palettes do not store in this file, but you can save them into each file you create. After you change the... Read More »

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How Do I Restore Microsoft Excel to Its Defaults?

Open Program Files"Click "Start," select "Computer, and choose "Microsoft Office." Open the "Office 10" directory.Open Template FolderClick the "XLStart" folder and remove "Book.xlt" to go back to ... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Excel 2002?

Microsoft Excel 2002 allows you to organize text and numeric data in a spreadsheet -- columns and rows -- format. Use Microsoft Excel 2002 to keep track of addresses, DVD or CD collections, attenda... Read More »

How Can I Restore a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet If I Accidentally Saved It as Another Name?

Excel is a spreadsheet program that's part of Microsoft Office. Saving a spreadsheet means that you give the document a name, press "OK," and the file is saved. Opening the document means that you ... Read More »

How to Determine Your Color Palette?

To look your best, determine the color palette that goes well with your skin tone, hair and eye color. Your personal color palette will tell you what makeup you should wear, the clothing colors you... Read More »