How to Restore a Gas Tank With a Rust Leak?

Answer If you suspect your vehicle is leaking gas -- after noticing a steady decrease in mileage or experiencing a strong odor of gasoline -- you should cease operating your vehicle immediately. Aside fro... Read More »

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How to Remove Rust and Restore a Car?

It can be an expensive proposition to restore a car by replacing all the rusty parts. Older cars typically need a lot of rust repair to restore them to their former glory. You can remove the rust f... Read More »

Gas Tank Leak Repair?

A leaking gas tank can result in poorer fuel economy and costly repairs left unresolved, but you can fix the problem yourself if the leak is minor. Leave your car parked in a clear spot for a day t... Read More »

How to Restore an Antique Car That Has Rust?

Antique cars provide wonderful challenges for restoration when found and recovered by car hobbyists. However, often old cars have seen better times. By the time they are "found" again, they may hav... Read More »

How to Clean a Gas Tank of Rust?

Gas tanks can develop rust for a number of reasons, including moisture building up, allowing your vehicle to sit for long periods of time, or continually leaving your tank near empty. Any combinat... Read More »