How to Restore Pitted Headlight Lenses?

Answer Clear plastic headlight lenses cover the headlight bulb. Pitted headlight lenses are discolored and hazy due to basic wear and tear and scratches. Cloudy lenses prevent your headlights from shining... Read More »

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How to Fix Pitted Headlight Lenses?

Yellow, hazy, pitted and crazed (cracked) headlight covers don't just make your car look like a total beater, they're also dangerous. This danger is all the greater because the hazing happens over ... Read More »

How to Restore Acrylic Headlight Lenses?

One of the most vulnerable areas on a car or motorcycle is the front end, and the front end contains one of the most important safety features on all vehicles: the headlights. The bulb inside the h... Read More »

How to Restore Cloudy Headlight Lenses on Your Car?

Does the high beams on your headlights shine like they are on low beams? Well the problem most likely is not the headlight bulbs but the problem most likely exists with the headlight lenses themsel... Read More »

How to Restore Automobile Headlight Plastic Lenses?

Polycarbonate headlights are becoming the standard in today's cars. While durable and crack resistant, the lenses are prone to yellowing, clouding and scratching. This can dramatically reduce thei... Read More »