How to Restore Pewter?

Answer Pewter is a type of metal that was used for hundreds of years to make dishes, mugs, eating utensils and other household items. It is harder to bend than silver but softer than steel. When restoring... Read More »

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What does pewter look like?

Pewter is an alloy, or mixture, of tin, lead, bismuth, copper, and antimony. After being produced, pewter starts out being a shiny silver color, but over time it oxidizes to a dull gray, or even bl... Read More »

What is pewter used for?

Pewter is a soft, silver-colored metal alloy typically composed of tin, antimony, bismuth and even silver or copper. It is used in jewelry, plates, cups, kitchen utensils, board game pieces, collec... Read More »

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How to Clean Pewter?

Pewter is an alloy metal made primarily from tin mixed with a small amount of lead, copper, bismuth or antimony. Pewter starts out a shade of light gray, and as it ages the metal oxidizes and darke... Read More »