How to Restore Old Safety Razors?

Answer Vintage razors, with their origination dating back to the 19th century, have become quite the collectible item in recent years. When dealing with such old and wise razors, it is important to proper... Read More »

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What are safety razors?

A safety razor has only the sharp edge of the blade exposed. Prior to the invention of the safety razor, men shaved with a straight edge razor that had an exposed blade. In 1901, King Camp Gillette... Read More »

How to Use Old Safety Razors?

Because of the economy or personal choice and conviction, many people seek to live more frugally and simply. We are looking back to see how our parents lived. Smaller homes, vegetable gardens, cook... Read More »

When was brass used in safety razors?

Brass was first used in the rudimentary safety razor invented by King Camp Gillette shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. Brass has continued to be used in the manufacture of safety razo... Read More »

When were the first safety razors invented?

King Gillette is generally credited with inventing the first safety razor. He received a patent for the Kampfe Star safety razor in 1901. According to, the U.S. Patent Office issu... Read More »