How to Restore Credit That Your Wife Ruined?

Answer When your credit history is ruined, it may not always be your fault. If you share a joint credit card account with your spouse--one in which multiple cards are issued--the effects of the account ar... Read More »

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The Recession Has Ruined My Credit, What Can I Do?

From 2006 to 2009, 5.4 million more people entered the worst tier of borrowers -- called "sub-prime," according to Kathy Chu and Sandra Block of USA Today. Sub-prime borrowers either cannot acquire... Read More »

My dog just chewed the box to a rental DVD, its ruined, do i have to pay for it, even though it's not ruined?

Can my wife use my credit card in my name?

A spouse is permitted to use a credit card in your name, if you have named her as an authorized user of the card. According to, your spouse will be sent a separate card for her use. Howe... Read More »

How to Restore Bad Credit?

Good credit opens doors, allowing you to save money on needed loans and to access money for investments and experiences. Bad credit closes those doors, or makes them so expensive to open that it's ... Read More »