How to Restore Color to Jeep Fenders?

Answer The paint job on a Jeep is exposed to a lot of sun and harmful UV rays. UV rays dry out the clear coat and paint job on your Jeep, causing the color to fade and look old. The fenders on a Jeep are ... Read More »

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How to Restore Faded Jeep Wrangler Fenders?

The fenders of a Jeep Wranger are made boxy and flat on top. This leaves a large surface area of the fender directly in the way of the sun. UV rays and direct sunlight break down the pigments in th... Read More »

How to Fix Jeep Faded Fenders?

The fenders of many Jeep vehicles, especially Wranglers, are black in color from the factory. The fenders are made of a plastic material that is designed to prevent water, debris and other objects ... Read More »

How to Keep Jeep Fenders Black?

Keeping your Jeep's fenders the right color can be a challenge. The fenders and fender flares on Jeeps, especially the notoriously delicate black fender flares on some models of the Jeep Wrangler,... Read More »

How to Clean Jeep Plastic Fenders?

After driving, the plastic fenders on your Jeep can get quite dirty. Whether there are weather conditions occurring or driving on dry roads, the tires on your Jeep will pick up whatever is on the r... Read More »