How to Restart a Program to Monitor CPU Usage?

Answer Any open programs or software applications take up a percentage of your total available system resources. Programs require both memory and CPU cycles in order to execute instructions that allow the... Read More »

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How can I keep desktop icons on my secondary monitor from moving back to primary monitor on restart?

See if your graphics card came with software to allow you to customize your desktop (eg. Nvidia's control panel). It may help you manage multiple monitors.

How to Limit Gaming or Any Program Usage Time with HomeGuard Program Blocker?

Games overuse/addiction is a very serious problem that can hinder real life development, damage family relations and even lead to death in extreme cases! ([1])

How to Monitor CPU Usage?

All computers have a central processing unit (CPU) which controls everything the computer system does. When the CPU is running too many programs it can become overloaded; this will slow down the pe... Read More »

How do I monitor web usage?

ApplicationsSearch for a web monitoring application online. Explore the various features of the programs and select one that fits your needs. Download the appropriate software and install it into y... Read More »