How to Restart NTP Client?

Answer The Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides your computer with an updated time setting that syncs with a central time server. You set your computer's NTP server, but before these settings take effect,... Read More »

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How to Restart DNS Client Service?

Domain Name Servers (DNS) translate domain names to IP addresses. When you create a DNS server on a Windows machine, DNS runs as a service on the computer. You can restart the DNS server to trouble... Read More »

What Does Restart Client Services Mean on Net Zero?

Restart client services is an error message that occurs occasionally with dial-up Internet providers such as NetZero. In the event that this error message appears, close out the NetZero dial-up cl... Read More »

How to Restart the DHCP Client Service?

The DHCP client service on your computer is used for communications between your computer and devices that you attach to the computer, such as cell phone or smartphones. If this service is stuck or... Read More »

How to Restart DHCP Client Service on Vista?

The DHCP Client service on Windows Vista obtains IP addresses from your router or Internet service provider. If the DHCP Client service malfunctions, your computer cannot receive new or updated IP ... Read More »