How to Restart Food After a Stomach Bug?

Answer A stomach bug, which is also known as viral gastroenteritis, will generally last for 24 to 72 hours. During this time, typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, watery stools, stomach cramps and o... Read More »

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Why do we stop being hungry almost immediatly after eating, even if the food hasnt reached the stomach yet?

When you swallow, the sensors in your esophagus feel the pressure of the food and begin to contract its muscles, pushing the food the short distance (less than a foot) to the stomach. This takes pl... Read More »

My PC shuts down after few seconds on loading a game,after i restart the monitor resolution changes to minimum?

I suggest that you update your drivers and try another game. If the other game does not crash your computer, it was the settings for the previous game that crashed your computer. ... Read More »

Can a bloated stomach with stomach pains and needing to go to the bathroom less a few weeks after sex be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or you may have a UTI. Most women go to the bathroom a lot more during pregnancy but I suppose its possible. Do a test in two weeks.

How to Restart a Furnace After Running out of Oil?

An oil furnace.Did you run out of oil? If you're lucky, the furnace or boiler will restart on its own after your oil tank is filled. But, if it doesn't, here's how to get it going again.