How to Restain a Front Door?

Answer If you’re no longer happy with the stain on your front door, you don’t have to throw out the door and buy a new one to start over. You can try to work with the one you have by sanding it down t... Read More »

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How to Sand & Restain a Front Door?

Your front door is one of the most important components of the exterior of your house, as it is the focal point in the facade. If chipped, peeling paint or unsightly spots are marring your front do... Read More »

Can you restain oak cabinets?

You can restain oak cabinets and make them look like new. It is fairly easy to restain oak cabinets but it is time consuming. Take off all of the hardware, then use a stripper to take off the old f... Read More »

How often should I restain the cedar siding on my house?

Cedar siding holds up well in all weather elements. While it is durable, cedar siding will under go wear and tear over time, and must be restained every three to five years to help protect it and t... Read More »

How to seal a front door?

Sealing your front door helps protect against air leaks that can raise your utility costs. By sealing the door, you prevent both cold and hot air from sneaking into your house when the door is clos... Read More »