How to Respray a Bumper?

Answer After a bumper is repaired, it needs to be resprayed with bumper paint to restore its original finish. But bumper paint is not the only thing applied to the bumper to give it a long-lasting color a... Read More »

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How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Car?

The cost of respraying your vehicle varies depending on the quality and complexity of the work. You'll generally pay at least $250 for a basic auto paint job, all the way up to $8,000 for deluxe cu... Read More »

How to Respray Alloy Wheels?

Re-spraying alloy wheels is a simple process that can save large sums of money on expensive replacements. Even the most careful of drivers can accidentally brush against a curb, causing the soft me... Read More »

How to Scuff Paint for Respray?

Scuffing the paint of a car prior to respray is relatively easy, requiring more elbow grease than any specialized tool. The most important thing to remember when scuffing is to ensure that no gloss... Read More »

If you're driving a car and you;re backing up and touch someone's bumper with your bumper should i call police?

As a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty, you are only to contact the police if you are in an accident that has more than a 1000.00 worth of damage otherwise you are to exchange infor... Read More »