How to Resize a Shrunken Wool Sweater?

Answer Shrinking your favorite wool sweater can be very disheartening. Avoid shrinkage by always washing wool sweaters according to the tag instructions inside the garment, as wool has a great capacity to... Read More »

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How to Recover a Shrunken Wool Sweater?

If you've accidentally thrown your wool sweater in the wash and it's now sized for a child, it's not necessary to give it away. Wool fibers exposed to washing tighten up, which causes the shrinkage... Read More »

How to Restore a Shrunken Sweater?

It's happened to the best of us: You're folding your laundry and realize with horror that your favorite sweater is now at least two sizes too small for you. The dreaded shrunken sweater dilemma is ... Read More »

How to Stretch Shrunken Wool?

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How to Stretch Shrunken Wool Cloth?

If you have accidentally shrunken an item made of wool, there is still a way increase the dimensions of the fabric. This easy to follow guide will help you return your clothing, blankets, etc. back... Read More »