How to Resist Temptations to Drink & Smoke?

Answer Smoking and drinking are two vices that many people attempt to quit repeatedly before achieving success. Unfortunately, alcohol and tobacco use can cause both physical and psychological addiction i... Read More »

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How do i resist the temptations of food to lose weight?

Imagine a really hot guy's voice getting louder and louder, and he's telling you to not-eat the food.

Is it bad to smoke, to drink, to take drugs y is it so?

i think its but u have the choice but i have 2 till u it dameged ur helth and ur monyyyyy

I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?

I dont drink or Smoke.... and life is fantastic!!!!I am a healthy person... and I make the most of it for what I do. A lot of people class you "boring" if you dont drink... if that is so, then im B... Read More »

How many people do not smoke nor drink?

I don't smoke or drink. I'm an agnostic and I don't have any moral objections. I just have no interest, don't like the taste and smell, and think both are a waste of money. I don't care if anyone e... Read More »