How to Reset the SRS on a Honda Accord?

Answer The Honda Accord is a compact and fuel-efficient sedan with four doors that is manufactured with Japanese engineering. When the Accord's airbag system malfunctions in some way, the SRS (Supplementa... Read More »

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How to Reset the SRS Light on a '93 Honda Accord?

The 1993 Honda Accord is part of one of Honda's most successful lines. Praised for its fuel economy and handling, the 1993 Honda Accord was also one of the safest cars on the road. Although the saf... Read More »

How to Reset a Light on a Honda Accord?

The Accord is Honda's midsize coupe or sedan and is available in a variety of different trim levels. All the models come with safety equipment. If there is an issue with your Accord, or your Accord... Read More »

How to Reset a Honda Accord SRS Light?

The SRS, or supplemental restraint system, on your Honda Accord is responsible for deploying the airbag in the event of an accident. If this system is malfunctioning, the airbag may not deploy prop... Read More »

How To Reset SRS on a 1995 Honda Accord?

The 1995 Honda Accord four-door sedan is known for its compact size and fuel efficiency. When the SRS light turns on, there is a problem with the Accord's air bag system. To turn the warning light ... Read More »