How to Reset the SMU on an iMac With Intel?

Answer The System Management Unit, or SMU, is a very small component in an iMac but it plays a very important role. In iMacs built after mid-2006, this component is called the System Management Controller... Read More »

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How do I Set Contrast on an Intel iMac?

No single setting in the System Preferences menu of an Intel iMac allows you to set the contrast. However, you can use a keyboard shortcut to adjust the contrast. Keyboard shortcuts are combinati... Read More »

How to Upgrade the RAM on an Intel iMac?

The iMac is Apple Inc.'s flagship personal computer. Introduced in 1998, the iMac's design has evolved, but its popularity has endured. The iMac is a valuable tool for users of graphics, photos and... Read More »

How to Dual Boot Windows 7 on an Intel Imac?

Windows 7 can be dual booted alongside Mac OS X on Intel iMacs using a utility called Boot Camp. Boot Camp creates a separate partition for Windows 7, meaning that the installations of Windows 7 an... Read More »

How to Reset a Password on an iMac 10.4?

IMac access passwords help keep your information safe and your data secure. User account options and passwords can also help you monitor your family's computer sessions. However, you cannot access ... Read More »