How to Reset the Region on a Panasonic?

Answer DVD players and DVDs are made in different regions all over the world. With few exceptions, these devices and disks are given region codes as well, typically to correspond with their country of ori... Read More »

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How to Change Panasonic DVD Players to Region 1?

All DVD discs and players are encoded to work in a specific region of the world. Movie studios have divided the world into different distribution regions, and DVD codes reflect these regions. Panas... Read More »

Are Panasonic DVD players region free?

Many Panasonic DVD players are region-free, meaning that the players are compatible with DVDs produced anywhere worldwide. However, some of those Panasonic models have been discontinued, including ... Read More »

How do you get Panasonic blu ray play region free?

If the laptop has a bluray player, if not only regular Dvd's will be playable.

How do you make Panasonic DVD player region free?