How to Reset the Radio Code in a BMW 850i?

Answer Many models of the BMW 850i are equipped with a theft-deterrent system that locks and disables the radio if it is removed from the vehicle or disconnected from the battery. If the radio has been di... Read More »

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How to Reset a BMW's Radio Security Code?

Many vehicles manufactured by BMW are equipped with theft-deterrent systems that are connected to the radio. If the radio is disconnected from the car battery or removed from the vehicle, it is dis... Read More »

How do i reset a radio code for a plymouth breeze?

Disconnect BatteryDisconnect the Plymouth Breeze car battery. After waiting a few moments, reconnect it. Turn the ignition key to the second position (II) and wait until prompted, "CODE" appearing ... Read More »

Help! My ford fiesta radio code isn't working. Bought used. Must be wrong code. Serial number is M19 3641.?

How to Reset the CD and Radio on an '04 Cavalier?

The CD and Radio unit in the 2004 Chevy Caviler has an "always connected" connection to the vehicle's battery. This prevents the radio from loosing preset stations and equalizer settings stored in ... Read More »