How to Reset the Oil on an Acura TL?

Answer Many Acura TL models are equipped with an oil life monitoring system as part of the computer. This system keeps track of things such as engine rotations, engine temperature and driving conditions. ... Read More »

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How to Reset an Acura Tl ABS Light?

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) light in an Acura TL is controlled by the ABS computer--a separate, standalone computer. The ABS computer actively monitors the ABS system to determine its function... Read More »

How to Reset the Light on an Acura TL SRS?

The SRS, or supplemental restraint system, is another way of referring to your airbag system in your Acura TL. If the indicator light for your SRS comes on in your car, it means that your airbag ha... Read More »

How to Reset an ABS Light on an '08 Acura TL?

If the ABS light illuminates on the instrument panel of your '08 Acura TL, you need to have it looked at immediately by a qualified mechanic. The ABS light is an indication that there is a problem ... Read More »

How to Reset the Service Tag on an Acura TL?

When the small service light pops up on your Acura TL control panel, you need to take your vehicle to the shop and have it checked. Usually the light indicates a problem with the car or is meant to... Read More »