How to Reset the Oil Service on a BMW 320D?

Answer The BMW 320D is equipped with a maintenance tracking system that displays reminder lights on the control panel when the car needs regular service. When the system determines it is time for an oil c... Read More »

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How to Reset the Service Codes on a 2005 BMW 320D?

Once the repairs on a 2005 BMW 320D are complete, the On-Board Diagnostic system needs to be reset. This can be done with the scanner that was used to retrieve the initial trouble codes. If the dia... Read More »

What is the top speed of a BMW 320D SE Touring?

The BMW 320D SE Touring (the "D" stands for diesel) is equipped with a 2.0L engine that produces 174-horsepower and 258-pound-feet of torque. The BMW 330D's maximum speed is 142 miles per hour.Sour... Read More »

How to Reset BMW Service?

With European engineering, BMW is known for manufacturing luxurious and classy sedans. However, at times the BMW's service warning light will light up to show there is an issue with its engine. For... Read More »

How to Reset the Service of a BMW E90?

Recognized for its luxury, the BMW E90 is a four-door sedan that is manufactured with German engineering. If a problem with the engine is identified, the E90's computer will notify you by triggerin... Read More »