How to Reset the Oil Change Light on a Ford?

Answer Many vehicles might not recognize that they have new oil when you change it because the warning is designed to show up whenever you pass a certain amount of miles. After you change the oil, you mus... Read More »

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How to Reset Oil Change Light on a 2005 Ford Explorer?

Some 2005 Ford Explorers came with an oil monitoring system. The system was coupled with the "Driver Information Center," which also displays other information such as engine temperature, washer fl... Read More »

How to Reset the ABS Light on a Ford?

An ABS (anti-lock braking system) light will illuminate on your Ford's dashboard when there is a problem with the braking system that need to be addressed. Take the vehicle to your mechanic to have... Read More »

How to Reset a Ford Service Light E-450?

The "Service Engine Soon" (SES) light will illuminate on the Ford's instrument panel when the vehicle is ready for routine maintenance. The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer receives trouble code... Read More »

How to Reset the Oil Light on a Ford Escape?

Changing the oil reset light back to normal on a Ford Escape is a simple process. Many Ford Escape models have automated and computerized systems that keep track of how many miles it is until the o... Read More »