How to Reset the Key in a 2001 BMW 330CI?

Answer The keys for a 2001 BMW 330CI have an internal chip that keeps track of various settings. When the unlock button is pressed on the key, the adjustments are automatically made to things like mirrors... Read More »

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How to Change the Alternator on a 2001 BMW 330ci?

In 2001, BMW released its 330ci with extra power. Still, an improved engine will lack the necessary spark with a failing alternator in the charging system. Fortunately, you can replace the bad alte... Read More »

How to Reset Service in a BMW 330 2001?

Each BMW 330 model produced in 2001 is equipped with a service reminder that illuminates on the instrument panel when the internal computer determines it is time for maintenance. Resetting the serv... Read More »

How to Reset a 2001 740i BMW?

The BMW 740i is a large luxury sedan with German engineering. Once the BMW has diagnosed a problem with the engine, the service warning light will turn on. The service warning light is easy to rese... Read More »

How to Reset the Computer on a 2001 Ford F-150?

The computer on your 2001 Ford F150 generates and stores codes whenever maintenance is required, or if there is a problem with one of the vehicle's system components. These codes remain in the comp... Read More »