How to Reset the Engine Light in the BMW 325?

Answer The "Check Engine" light on your BMW 325 control panel is a warning light sent from the vehicle's computer indicating that something could be wrong with your vehicle's engine. Once you have taken y... Read More »

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How to Reset a HHR Engine Light?

You should reset the engine light on an Chevy HHR only after the reason why the engine light came on in the first place has been diagnosed and, if necessary, repaired. Otherwise, damage can occur t... Read More »

How to Reset a Dodge Engine Light?

The check engine light illuminates on the control panel on the dashboard of your Dodge when the on-board diagnostic computer reads a trouble code from the engine. You should take your Dodge to a qu... Read More »

How to Reset the TrailBlazer Engine Light?

The engine or check engine light will illuminate on the control panel of your TrailBlazer when the vehicle needs routine maintenance, if there is a problem with its emissions control system or if t... Read More »

How to Reset the Check Engine Light?

Sometimes, even after problems with your car or truck's engine have been fixed the "Check Engine" light will still stay on. Your auto's computer won't be able to warn you of other engine problems i... Read More »