How to Reset the Check Oil Light on a 1992 BMW 325i?

Answer The computer on a 1992 BMW 325i senses when an oil change is needed and will trigger a warning light in the instrument cluster that will tell you to check the oil. Even after you have checked or ch... Read More »

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How to Reset the Oil Light on a BMW 325i?

The oil light on the BMW 325i tells the driver when the car is due for an oil change based on the number of miles and length of time since the last oil change. Changing the oil on your own will req... Read More »

How to Reset the Service Light on My BMW 325I?

When your BMW 325i "Service Engine Soon" light appears, it's time for routine service such as an oil change. The car's computer system integrates the amount of miles that have been driven with othe... Read More »

How to Reset the Washer Fluid Light on a 1990 BMW 325i?

The Washer Fluid light on a 1990 BMW 325i illuminates when the washer fluid level is low. Washer fluid is essential for cleaning the windshield of the 325i while you drive. Without it, you may not ... Read More »

How to Reset the Air Bag Light on a 1992 Toyota?

The 1992 Toyotas came equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system that stores trouble codes sent to it from sensors throughout the vehicle. When the air bag light turns on, you need to have ... Read More »