How to Reset iPhone Firmware?

Answer When you reset an iPhone's firmware, you're restoring it to its factory settings--in other words, you are wiping its hard drive clean of music, videos, pictures and other media, as well as undoing ... Read More »

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How to Reset Zune 2.3 Firmware?

Microsoft created the Zune portable media player to let you take your media collection with you while on-the-go. The 2.3 version of its firmware--the software installed on the Zune that manages its... Read More »

Is iphone firmware 4.0.1 same as 4.1?

No it is not the same. iOS 4.1 is the latest release from Apple and was just released in the last day or so. If you have any thoughts towards jailbreaking or unlocking your device then it is not re... Read More »

Can you reinstall an old firmware on a iPhone?

Only if you've saved your SHSH. If you don't know what that is then no sorry.

What is the latest firmware of iPhone 3G?

no not at all gave my daughter one she really good care of and was fine.