How to Reset iPhone Firmware?

Answer When you reset an iPhone's firmware, you're restoring it to its factory settings--in other words, you are wiping its hard drive clean of music, videos, pictures and other media, as well as undoing ... Read More »

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How to Reset Zune 2.3 Firmware?

Microsoft created the Zune portable media player to let you take your media collection with you while on-the-go. The 2.3 version of its firmware--the software installed on the Zune that manages its... Read More »

The iPhone 3.1 firmware be unlock yet?

Can you reinstall an old firmware on a iPhone?

Only if you've saved your SHSH. If you don't know what that is then no sorry.

How do you jailbreak iPhone 4 firmware 4.2.1?

Im almost positive that iphone cannot be restored to 4.2.1 because its not compatable, this is consittering that iphone 4 has a ios 4.2.6 acustom to factory settings. But if this is possible im sur... Read More »