How to Reset an iPhone 4?

Answer There are two types of resets that can be performed on an Apple iPhone 4. A soft reset is one that can be performed to free up used memory, such as memory being used by programs being run in the ba... Read More »

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Can Turbo Sim unlock iPhone 4 like factory unlock will the iPhone 4 get lock again when you reset it into the factory setting?

How do you reset iPhone 4S?

There are two ways to reset the iPhone. You need to enable the setting under the Settings menu, that when someone enters the pass code wrong so many times, then the phone automatically erases all t... Read More »

How do you reset the iphone 3gs?

You can eithr do it on the phone through settings or you can hook it up to itunes and do the update that way. Either way takes about an hour. Good luck

How to Hard Reset an iPhone?

Like all computers, the Apple iPhone occasionally needs a reboot. You can do this by giving it a "hard reset". This does not remove app, songs, contacts or anything else stored on your iPhone. It b... Read More »