How to Reset an LG Optimus M?

Answer If you plan on selling your LG Optimus M or giving it away, perform a hard reset to erase all your stored data and downloads to prevent other people from accessing your personal information. If you... Read More »

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Does LG Optimus S case fit LG Optimus V?

Yes. I currently own an LG Optimus V and it has a Body Glove Case on it. Any case that is designed for the Optimus S will fit the Optimus V.

Galaxy S III vs LG Optimus G?… this site is a direct spec comparison.are you sure you dont mean the s4 as thats the new one to be this comparison the LG is a superior phone... Read More »

Should I get the LG Viper 4g lte or the LG Optimus S?

Obviously.....LG VIPER 4G LTE....It has a faster Wi-fi, Significantly faster processor, Bluetooth 3.0, More resolution, Faster data speed, Higher pixel density, Higher resolution camera, More inte... Read More »

Should you buy LG Optimus or iPhone 4?

The iphone 4 has reception issues and the iphone 3 dosn't