How to Reset an Error on a 2000 Neon?

Answer Checking engine codes yourself on your Dodge Neon's computer is a fairly easy process. Doing so will keep you informed of your car's performance and what you should consider fixing or working on. H... Read More »

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How to Reset a 2000 Dodge Neon ECU?

The engine control unit (ECU) in a 2000 Dodge Neon is the computer unit responsible for handling the engine's timing and fuel delivery functions. This computer gathers data from an extensive networ... Read More »

Does a door from a 2000 dodge neon fit a 2002 neon?

Yes. The Dodge Neon made from model year 2000 through model year 2005 is the second generation Neon, which means that the body remained unchanged during its six-year production run. Unlike the firs... Read More »

How to Reset the Alarm on a 2001 Neon?

When the alarm for your Neon is set off and the remote is not deactivating it, then it may require a manual reset. When your alarm is manually reset it goes back to the factory settings that were o... Read More »

2000 Neon AC Problems?

Short of the near-legendary SRT-4, the 2000 Dodge Neon may be the best of the lot from both a performance and quality standpoint. Early on in the second-generation's run, the Neon used the ACR (Am... Read More »