How to Reset an Air Bag Trouble Light on a GM?

Answer The air bag trouble light on a General Motors vehicle is designed to notify the driver of any problems with the air bag deployment system. When the body control module senses a problem with the ai... Read More »

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How to Reset the Engine Trouble Light in a Chevrolet?

With an inexpensive tool, you can see what code a Chevrolet computer is sending when it turns on the engine trouble light, and you can reset that light after you repair the problem, and before the ... Read More »

How to Reset a Trouble Light on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

The large numbers of computer-controlled systems and emission controls on modern engines means that diagnosing problems has moved from the grease pit to the computer lab. Since the mid-1980s, most ... Read More »

How to Reset a Volvo S80 Trouble Alarm?

Since Volvo introduced the S80 model in 1998, this Swedish luxury car won awards for its attractiveness as well as for its safety, reliability and quality. While driving your Volvo S80, you may see... Read More »

How to Reset Cadillac Trouble Codes?

You can reset the trouble codes on your Cadillac right from your home garage, saving yourself a trip back to the mechanic or dealership. The Cadillac's computer creates and stores information about... Read More »