How to Reset an Air Bag Trouble Light on a GM?

Answer The air bag trouble light on a General Motors vehicle is designed to notify the driver of any problems with the air bag deployment system. When the body control module senses a problem with the ai... Read More »

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How to Reset the Engine Trouble Light in a Chevrolet?

With an inexpensive tool, you can see what code a Chevrolet computer is sending when it turns on the engine trouble light, and you can reset that light after you repair the problem, and before the ... Read More »

How to Reset a Trouble Light on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

The large numbers of computer-controlled systems and emission controls on modern engines means that diagnosing problems has moved from the grease pit to the computer lab. Since the mid-1980s, most ... Read More »

How to Reset Mazda MPV Trouble Codes?

The Mazda MPV is a minivan that was first introduced in 1989 and had a production run that lasted until 2006. No matter what model year vehicle you drive, odds are you'll run into a situation where... Read More »

How to Reset Cadillac Trouble Codes?

You can reset the trouble codes on your Cadillac right from your home garage, saving yourself a trip back to the mechanic or dealership. The Cadillac's computer creates and stores information about... Read More »