How to Reset a Toyota Radio Anti-Theft System?

Answer The latest Toyota vehicles, as of 2010, are equipped with theft-deterrent systems that are connected to the radio. The system disables the radio by locking it when it is removed from the vehicle or... Read More »

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How to Reset an Anti-Theft Radio on a Chevy?

General Motors vehicles, including Chevy, contain anti-theft Delco Theftlock radios that can only be used by entering the correct security code. This security code keeps someone from using the radi... Read More »

How to Reset the Camry Anti-Theft System?

Many Toyota Camry models are equipped with an anti-theft system that disables the stereo when it is activated. The anti-theft system is activated when the stereo is either removed from the Camry or... Read More »

How to Reset an Anti-Theft Radio That Shows As Locked on a 2004 Chevy?

A 2004 Chevy comes with a factory installed radio equipped with an anti-theft device. This anti-theft device locks the radio anytime the power is cut to the radio. This is supposed to prevent the r... Read More »

How to Reset an Anti-Theft System for a Mercury Mountaineer?

Contrary to popular belief, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles do not come equipped from the factory with a standard alarm system. Instead, the Ford Motor Company equips its vehicles with a passive... Read More »