How to Reset a Seatbelt Light on a 1993 Saturn?

Answer After making repairs, warning lights previously indicating the driver of a problem may still be present, even after numerous drive cycles. These warning lights are the result of a stored trouble co... Read More »

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How to Reset a Saturn Oil Light?

All late-model Saturn vehicles come equipped with a driver's information center. The DIC supplies the driver with useful information, such as fuel mileage, trip mileage and service reminders. One o... Read More »

How to Reset the Oil Light in a Saturn Ion?

The Saturn Ion has an integrated oil change warning system to alert you when your engine oil has reached the end of its useful life. You should change the oil right away when the oil change indicat... Read More »

How do I reset a change oil light on a Saturn?

Black Fuse BoxOpen the hood to the Saturn and take the cover off the little black fuse box. This box is located in front of the battery on the driver's side. Make sure the ignition switch is on, bu... Read More »

How to Reset the Oil Light on the 2003 Saturn Ion?

The Saturn Ion was first produced in 2003 and ended production in 2007. The car came equipped with an oil warning light with preset mileage intervals to inform the driver/owner that is was time to ... Read More »