How to Reset a Router From a Computer?

Answer Routers for home and small business environments are typically designed to share a single high-speed Internet connection, such as cable or DSL, with the rest of the computers on the network, enabli... Read More »

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I reset my D-Link router and now I can't connect to the page to reset the passwords?

You must NEVER try to configure it from a wireless connection. This can lock you out before changes complete and save, leaving the router in an undefined state. Connect by network cable, and now yo... Read More »

Can a router be moved from one computer to another?

A router can be moved quite easily from one computer to another. All the user has to do is disconnect one computer from the router and plug another into the device. Since a router is never assigned... Read More »

How to Uninstall a D-Link Router Di-624 From My Computer?

The D-Link Router Di-624 comes with a software tool to help the user connect to a wireless network. Once the software is loaded onto the computer, it will stay on there until it is uninstalled. If ... Read More »

Is this what I need from Router to computer?

Yes, that is the correct type of cable. RJ45 being the end of the cable, that plugs into the router, and into the computer. Cat5E is the category of cabling, 5E is correct for your purpose, but u... Read More »