How to Reset a Router From a Computer?

Answer Routers for home and small business environments are typically designed to share a single high-speed Internet connection, such as cable or DSL, with the rest of the computers on the network, enabli... Read More »

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I reset my D-Link router and now I can't connect to the page to reset the passwords?

You must NEVER try to configure it from a wireless connection. This can lock you out before changes complete and save, leaving the router in an undefined state. Connect by network cable, and now yo... Read More »

How to Reset an SMC Router?

Sometimes your SMC router loses its fast connection to the Internet and needs to be reset to refresh the connection. You may also need to reset your SMC router if there's no Internet connection at ... Read More »

How do I reset my router?

there should be a reset button on either the back or on the bottom of the router that you will need an obect like the tip of the pencil to press.

How do I reset a router's password?

SimpleTo reset a Linksys router's password, login to the online website. Click on "Administration." Enter new password and re-enter it in appropriate boxes. Click "Backup and Restore" and logout.Re... Read More »