How to Reset a Car Battery?

Answer You can sometimes successfully reset your older model vehicle's computer by disconnecting the car battery. Resetting the car's computer typically voids out old error messages and can be used to tur... Read More »

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How to Reset the Battery in a 560 Roomba 16?

A deeply discharged Roomba 560 battery can result in shortened charge times and run times. When you first notice shortened run times, you may need to charge your Roomba 560 for longer than the stan... Read More »

How to Reset an iPod Battery?

The iPod’s battery is built-in. This means, when the battery starts to die, you can’t simply swap out the battery for a fresh, fully charged one. If your iPod’s battery is dead, you must send... Read More »

How to Reset a Computer Battery?

The battery on a laptop computer is typically able to provide enough power for about two hours of use. The amount of time the battery works depends on your power settings, such as screen-brightness... Read More »

How to Reset the Battery for a HP Laptop?

The battery on HP laptop computers is typically able to provide about two hours worth of battery power before the computer depletes the battery's power. Depending on your computer's power settings,... Read More »