How to Reset a BMW E36 SRS Light?

Answer In order to remove and reset the air bag light, also known as the SRS light on a BMW, a reset tool is needed. The Service Light Plus airbag reset tool, which is available for purchase at most auto ... Read More »

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How to Reset the ABS Light on a BMW E36?

The ABS light on a BMW E36 is designed to alert the driver to potential problems with any part of the anti-lock braking system. The ABS computer continuously monitors a number of sensors throughout... Read More »

How to Reset GM Airbag Light?

The airbag light, or SRS (supplemental restraint system) light, on the GM dashboard shines whenever there is a malfunction with the airbag deployment system. The vehicle needs inspected and fixed t... Read More »

How to Reset the Check Light in a BMW?

The check light on a BMW's dashboard can signify several different things. There is a light for oil changes, inspections and engine service. After you have completed the necessary repairs or mainte... Read More »

How to Reset the Oil Change Light for a VW Eos?

The Volkswagen EOS uses a maintenance reminder system that alerts the driver when it is time to have the engine oil and filter changed. The system monitors driving conditions to determine the appro... Read More »