How to Reset a 1992 Toyota Engine Light?

Answer The appearance of the "Check Engine" light on your 1992 Toyota indicates there is a problem with your vehicle's engine, exhaust or fuel systems. The vehicle needs to be inspected by a qualified mec... Read More »

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How to Reset the Air Bag Light on a 1992 Toyota?

The 1992 Toyotas came equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system that stores trouble codes sent to it from sensors throughout the vehicle. When the air bag light turns on, you need to have ... Read More »

How to Reset the Engine Light on a 1992 Nissan?

The 1992 Nissan is equipped with a first-generation, on-board computer with built-in diagnostics capability. Unlike later Nissans equipped with OBD-2 protocols, the 1992 Nissan does not require the... Read More »

How to Reset a 1992 Nissan Pickup Engine Light?

A check engine light in your 1992 Nissan pickup truck can be triggered for a wide variety of reasons. A trouble code can be caused by something simple, such as a loose gas cap, or by something more... Read More »

How to Turn Off the "Check Engine" Light in a 1992 Toyota Pickup?

The check-engine light in your 1992 Toyota Pickup tells you that there is a problem with the sensors on your truck. You should not ignore a check-engine light because it can indicate a serious prob... Read More »