How to Reset Zeno Acne Treatment Device?

Answer The Zeno blemish clearing device is a unique acne treatment product that uses heat to kill the bacteria that cause acne. The metal tip of the product is applied to a skin blemish and the product em... Read More »

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Does the Zeno device work?

On One Hand: The Zeno Has Some Good ReviewsThe Zeno device is a battery-operated gadget with a tip that heats to 48 degrees centigrade (about 110 degrees Fahrenheit). When touched to a problem area... Read More »

How to Use the Zeno Acne Remover?

Trying to get rid of your zits with the Zeno acne remover? Zeno is a small gadget that is quick and easy to use and speeds up the healing process of your pimples. Follow these steps to use the Zeno... Read More »

Does zeno acne work?

On One Hand: Zeno Works on Mild AcneAccording to an FDA-reviewed clinical trial conducted by the makers of Zeno, the product eliminates 90 percent of mild acne within one day of being used. The tr... Read More »

How to Use Zeno Hot Spot to Treat Teen Acne?

Zeno Hot Spot, created by Zeno Corporation is a thermal-based blemish device designed to destroy the acne-causing bacteria found inside a pimple, with heat. It's a portable, hand-held unit that is ... Read More »