How to Reset Skills in D2?

Answer In "Diablo 2," or D2, when players gain a level they gain one skill point. Skill points can be used to gain new abilities or increase the power of already acquired abilities. When the game was firs... Read More »

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How to Reset Your Skills in Torchlight?

"Torchlight," first released in 2009, is a fantasy themed role playing game that is available for Windows and the Xbox 360 console. Players can develop their character by assigning points into skil... Read More »

What pre-handwriting skills/learning experiences can you suggest for developing fine moter skills in 5 yr olds?

I wrote an answer that dealt with writing recently. It has more to do with writing numbers than letters, but I hope it helps._______________________________What we use to get students to write numb... Read More »

What is the difference between comprehension skills&critical thinking skills?

Thinking critically, as opposed to simply recalling, is a vital part of comprehension skills that allow individuals to develop a greater understanding of a topic.ComprehensionIf comprehension is a ... Read More »

How Are Administrative Skills Different From Management Skills?

While some people might use "administrative skills" and "management skills" interchangeably, these are two distinct areas. In business, administrative skills focus on areas of planning and policies... Read More »