How to Reset Mazda Tire Sensors?

Answer Many Mazda vehicles are equipped with tire sensors that monitor the air pressure in the tires as the vehicle is driven. When the computer determines that the air pressure is too low in any of the t... Read More »

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How to Reset Pontiac G6 Tire Pressure Sensors After Tire Rotation?

Tire pressure monitoring systems must be reset or "relearned" after a tire is changed or rotated. In a perfect world, your dealer or service professional will have performed the procedure for you, ... Read More »

How to Reset the Warning Sensors on a 2005 Mazda RX8?

The warning sensors in the 2005 Mazda RX8 track things like oil change intervals, brake operations and engine conditions. When the sensors detect a condition that needs attention, a warning light i... Read More »

How to Reset the Tire Sensors on GM Cars?

GM's tire pressure monitor employs a sensor inside each tire's valve stem. Reset each tire sensor light when you change tires or your tire pressure gets too low, causing the "TPMS" light to come on... Read More »

How to Reset the Tire Sensors on a 2007 Cadillac Car?

The tire sensors on your 2007 Cadillac car are part of the tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS. The TPMS monitors tire pressure and sends a signal to the Cadillac's computer when there is low ... Read More »